AI Course for Psychologists

Module 1 – Introduction and Demonstration

What you will learn

Once again, thank you for taking part in this course. We guarantee that by the end your vision of the reality and usefulness of Artificial Intelligence in your field will have been amplified.

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Explaining the course

Before starting the course itself, it is essential that you understand how to get the most out of it in the shortest possible time.

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Module 2 – Fundamentals and Use of Technology

Module 3 – Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Practice

Use to aid diagnosis

Just a warning of vital importance. This course has been produced so that mental health professionals can use AI to their advantage.

Therefore, at no time should the guidelines for the use of Artificial Intelligences be understood as recommendations.

Only qualified mental health professionals can provide diagnoses for patients.

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Self-education in Psychology

Psychology is advancing rapidly like other areas of human knowledge.

Reconciling technical updating with professional and personal activities is a major challenge.

In this sense, using AI as a complement to official training and to elucidate specific topics is great practice. Let’s see.

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Providing information and education to patients

In this module we’ll dive into more complex interactions.

More than ever, you’ll have to meticulously copy the texts of the prompts provided, paste them into one browser tab with ChatGPT and another with Bard.

This is fundamental to your learning.

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Module 4 – Other AIs and Risks

Risks and Challenges in Using Generative AI

We’re going to list the main risks and, consequently, the challenges of using AI, specifically generative AI.

It’s important that you understand each of them so that you can be competent and aware when using these platforms.

Let’s go!

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Other alternative artificial intelligences

This week we’re going to finish our course by providing indispensable information on this new reality that we’ll all be living with personally and professionally.

The idea is to be prepared so as not to become obsolete. Use AI to offer superior quality services and be in tune with the mindset of patients.

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